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Goodbye Column: Sara Armstrong

Head Campaign Strategist

CREDIT: Sara Armstrong


I only had one year in Gainesville and Rowdy Magazine made it worthwhile. After transferring to UF, I feared it would be impossible to find a group of people who shared the same passion for art, fashion and creating. But Rowdy made a space for us wannabe New Yorkers to be amazing by virtue of creating something amazing.

The people who join this magazine are special. They are original, collaborative and work tirelessly to see a vision come to life. Members of this team have the spirit of the city! I can say with confidence that Rowdy fostered friendships I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

Two volumes and a few kickass parties later, I am saying goodbye, grateful to Rowdy for the memories and experiences it has afforded me. I cannot wait to see what this artistic, imaginative, beautiful project will continue to grow into.

Thank you, Rowdy, for making our college town feel like big city living.

Keep being the coolest kids in school, Rowdy people!


Sara Armstrong



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