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Gimmie The Loot! : Trying Celebrity Foods for a Week

I tried four celebrity trends decided if they are worth it.

( @travisscott / Instagram)


There’s always a new food trend. 

From recent TikTok recipes of whipped coffee to cream cheese bell peppers, social media cultivates a never-ending cycle of everything related to food. 

I live for this never-ending cycle.  I am a huge foodie, and social media feeds into my food love affair (pun intended).  

Most of these food trends are started by celebrities. Some celebrities even snagged junk-food collaboration projects 

So, how do celebrity food trends get so popular?

Whenever a celebrity or social media influencer collaborates or endorses food, their fans will always find a way to taste it. And for food companies and restaurants, this is a perfect way to get internet famous and drive up business. 

I tried four celebrity food items, trends and recipes to test if they are worth it or not. For a foodie like me, this was a great opportunity to see what the hype is all about.

Travis Scott Meal

If you’re a TikTok fanatic like me, then I’m sure you’ve seen countless videos of customers blasting SICKO MODE through the McDonald’s drive-thru. 

The Travis Scott Meal was a collaborative project between the rapper and McDonald’s to sell Scott’s signature order — a quarter-pound beef patty topped with crispy bacon, onions, shredded lettuce, pickles, two melted cheese slices, and ketchup and mustard. It also comes with a medium french fry, barbeque sauce and a Sprite.

Basically,  it’s a glorified quarter pounder. While it is fun to try a famous rapper’s McDonald’s order only for $6, the meal is a pretty basic burger. However, I did really enjoy it and I would order it again.

It’s offered for a limited time until Oct. 4th, and until then McDonald’s employees will suffer from Astroworld blasting through their headphones. 

The Charli Cold Brew

America runs on Dunkin’, and Charli DiMileo dances on it, too. Dubbed the queen of cold brew, it was about time we saw a collaboration between DiMileo and her Dunkin’ love affair.  

Di’Mileo’s go-to Dunkin’ drink’s now on the menu as “The Charli” — a cold brew coffee with whole milk and three pumps of caramel. Ever since the drink’s announcement, hoards of Charli fans are clogging the drive-thrus (which considering Gen Z’s fixation on nut milks, says a lot.) 

Like any Gen Z, I am addicted to iced coffee. Having already perfected my coffee orders, I was interested to try the TikToker’s favorite drink. 

Although I did substitute the whole milk for Dunkin’s new oat milk, I dutifully asked for “The Charli” at the Drive-thru intercom. For $3.49, my first sip transported me to the Willy Wonka side of TikTok. This drink is definitely for sweet coffee lovers. With the flavor swirls, the drink is like sucking down a bowl full of caramel. The cold brew’s intense taste is blurred with the milk and caramel swirls and loses its coffee flavor. Was it worth it? If I got it again, I would ask for less caramel so it actually tastes like coffee.

Kylie Jenner’s Ramen Recipe 

Tired of the bland ramen? Kylie Jenner’s ramen recipe adds a lot more flavorful than the basic seasoning packet. Her ramen hack takes classic chicken-flavored ramen and adds butter, garlic powder and a scrambled egg. Jenner first shared her recipe on Snapchat and since helped change people’s ramen game.

(A screenshot of Kylie's ramen recipe from her Snapchat story)


I think this is a great recipe if you’re too lazy to cook but want a simple meal. Honestly, I’ve used this recipe quite often to fulfill my late-night food raids. The warm and comforting ramen noodles paired with the creamy and salty butter and seasoning are a great way to satisfy your carb-craving. However, the chicken flavor packet can sometimes be too salty, so I recommend only using half the amount and tossing the rest (or saving for another time).

Was it worth it? Definitely, yes. This hack makes my ramen rotation for when I’m neck-deep in online schoolwork and need a quick meal. 

Gigi Hadid’s Spicy Vodka Pasta 

I am a sucker for pasta. And this recipe is perfect to impress your significant partner with a homemade dish for date night. Plus, it’s super easy to make with ingredients you probably already in your fridge and cabinet. 

The creamy and spicy sauce was so delicious, I kept going back for more. The extra kick of the spice is definitely a game-changer. I love this pasta dish, and I will keep sharing it with friends so they too can become obsessed.

Was it worth it? 100%. This recipe is in my weekly rotation of meal prep.


Michelle Holder is an Online and Print Writer at Rowdy Magazine. She is passionate about international affairs and travel. You can typically find her buried in a book or drinking expressos at local coffee shops. Contact her at or find her on Twitter @michellecholder.


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