Fenty’s Newest Shoes Drop Gives Us Everything But The Album

In which Lauren and Ava fangirl, but mostly just yearn over wearing these heels. 

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After depriving us of her glory, her royal highness Rihanna finally came through — with shoes. Listen, we may be as salty about her vanishing music career as the next person, but this is still huge. 

This may not be no.1 hit on the radio, but we got heels from the woman who walks on grates... You cannot tell me that these shoes are not blessed. And that’s the way RiRi intended it.

Rihanna teamed up with legendary designer Amina Muaddi to create four distinct shoe styles for the line: a black mesh mule, a lace up crystal sandal, a clear PVC strap sandal and the caged gladiator pumps of your dreams.

The heels of each shoe are metallic, appearing as if nails are hammered into the shoes’ soles. Each is made with 100% lambskin and leather, so vegan’s note: they may look beautiful, but they’re not cruelty-free. 

Designer Muaddi is known for her architectural heels. Her signature style of the flared heel has made Kendall Jenner and Dua Lipa fans. Just by the look of the photos for her newest collaboration with Rihanna, it makes sense. Shot from a lower perspective, the campaign pictures make the shoes look like one of the seven wonders of the world. 

The Eiffel Tower wasn’t necessarily her main inspiration, though. She said she wanted to create, “footwear that represents the muse and the brand: strong, refined and feminine.”

Prices start at $490 but range up to $820 (not too bad as far as luxury designer shoes go, but it seems our Fenty shoe dreams are just as far off as Rihanna’s next album.) Many of the styles have already sold out and re-stocked on the Fenty website, but the collection is now also available for purchase on Farfetch

Read below for a rundown of RiRi’s newest creations and how high they score on our rating system (subjectively opined with love). 


PRICE: $740

In these shoes, leather straps entangle your legs from your ankles to below your knees (even your toes are caged in!) — meaning increased support for the four-inch heel and heightened sex-appeal. We can see these paired with a monochrome mini skirt set and some crisp winged liner. These badass shoes are perfect for your summer night out (with a mask, of course). You can buy them in coco white or candy pink. 

Lauren’s rating: 9 / 10 Ticking off one point for wearability. They’re sexy, but the way my feet would tangle trying to put them on turns me off.

Ava’s rating: 8 / 10 They’re Hot, but there’s something I don’t like about the metal-fence style crossing over the foot. 


PRICE: $820

Admittedly, I (Ava) did not like these very much, but they are undeniably Rihanna. A brown suede braid snakes up the leg, criss-crossing with a crystal band until mid calf where it ends with a single braided tassel. It comes in one shade, “Brown Sugar,” and features a casual monogram flex on the outer sole. 

A double band over the toes adds some extra crystal sparkle that would look great with white toes for summer. They’re perfect for a dressed-up daytime look to hit the town (or take pictures in your backyard). The four-inch peg heel has a slightly wider bottom to balance the lack of platform –– key to delicately stepping over metal grates in the city. 

Lauren’s rating: 6 / 10 They’re very Rihanna, but they're kind of average compared to the other heels in the collection.

Ava’s rating: 6.5 / 10 (Okay, they are growing on me.)


PRICE: $570