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Dreamers and the American Dream

Image Source MSNBC News

As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we should reflect on the relationship between the Hispanic Community and the American dream.

Hispanic Heritage Month and Common Misconceptions

We are amidst Hispanic heritage month.

For about 30 days, the Hispanic community’s vibrant and dynamic intricacies are brought to light by a wider audience. However, because of the month-long attention, more stereotypes get formed and many times Hispanics are minimized to harmful stereotypes.

These stereotypes can include Hispanics being depicted as uneducated, lazy, and criminal. Many claim these immigrants are stealing our jobs.

This could not be further from the truth.

The American Dream

The Hispanic community is composed of dreamers and immigrants — many who came to the United States seeking the American dream. This idealized version of the American makes it seem that anyone who works hard can make a life for themselves – that is just not true.

Well, this idealized version of the American dream usually only comes to fruition when immigrants already have a monetary base. These dreams are out of reach with the poor immigration system in place.

Many immigrants lack the resources to obtain citizenship. This leads to many immigrants coming illegally via unimaginable treks, some being turned back.

To reduce their lack immigration of status as less than human is demoralizing.

Another important layer to recognize is the reason many flee their country. Whether it is in the form of a lack of employment opportunities or an unstable government, these are considered push factors.

The main victims of such disruptive issues are Venezuelans and Cubans alike who fled from their countries. Their so-called socialist leaders have made irreparable damage and this creates a permanent mark of trauma.

Now imagine when Biden and other democrats are compared to socialists. This causes those who can vote to vote for the GOP.

However, the irony here is that democrats are the ones who tend to strive toward a more transparent immigration system, which would benefit the Hispanic community.

The Politics of Hispanic Hate

Trump’s opening campaign speech highlighted a negative perception of immigrants. When talking about immigrants from Mexico, he stated “They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists”

Trump is just one of many politicians to use immigrants as political pawns for votes.

According to Pew Research Center, “Republicans prioritize border security as a very important immigration goal; Democrats are more likely to view the path to legal status as very important.”

One thing is clear, the current immigration process is not working and policy reform is needed from significant efforts from both political parties. Our institution of government needs to stop using immigration as a talking point and make tangible change.

The Community and Midterm Election

As the midterms approach, we must recognize the value that comes from the Hispanic community and use our right to vote accordingly.

The community is an important and powerful population in our elections. By understanding the relationship between the Hispanic community and government institutions, we can understand how to better meet their needs.

Broken Promises in Our State

Recent events, with Ron DeSantis sending the migrants to Martha’s Vineyard further reveals the relationship between the Hispanic community and the United States political system. Seen as nothing but objects, the failure to aid those with such grievances has ruptured the faith in Florida policy.

Many immigrants were outraged by this turn of events. This occurred a week after the governor promised Cubans and Venezuelans in Miami that he would not send refugees out of the state.

Time and time again, immigrants are moved, caged, and simply treated less than humans.

Immigrant Farmers

The State of Florida is home to 75,000 immigrant farmers. This is a large proportion of the agricultural industry. Our economy is carried on the backs of immigrants yet we send them away as if they are beneath us.

In 2017, the Florida county by county breakdown displays how the agricultural industry produces millions of dollars for individual counties.

Need For System Reform

There is an ongoing fight to re-evaluate the problematic immigrant policies across the United States. The H-2A's current qualifications and systems need significant reform as the current system forces immigrants to be unauthorized in their work. As a result of this lack of authorization, many immigrants are not paid minimum wage or have to work overtime with unsustainable hours.


Ultimately, immigrants are dreamers, and dreamers make the American Dream a reality.


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