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Dreamer Boy’s latest album embraces oneness.

BRB, streaming “All The Ways We Are Together” to celebrate Earth Day

( Curtesy of Universal Music Group )


Another Earth Day has come and gone, folks. While we may still be waiting on a Green New Deal, I hope you all took Thursday to ground yourself and realign with the planet. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate this holiday than with some gratitude, awareness and positive tunes of course.

Dreamer Boy is delivering peaceful vibes right on schedule with his latest release, All The Ways We Are Together. Dreamer Boy, an artistic project by 23-year-old Zach Taylor, is a musical identity that is rooted in honest lyrics, meditative synth beats and a universal message of compassion. Following his 2018 drop, Love, Nostalgia, Dreamer Boy has returned with an album about our planet and all the people and problems that inhabit it.

You may know this up-and-coming artist from touring/playing alongside artists such as Clairo, Omar Apollo, The Marias and Still Woozy. While he may be a pop artist, he definitely has a distinct sound. In the best way possible, All The Ways We Are lacks the formula that is present in so much music today. Dreamer Boy really allows himself to see where a song wants to go and follows it there. Tracks like Sweatshirt and Best of Me feature really complex lyrics that tell a detailed story. Others such as the title track and All Our Dreams Came True have an instrumental path that leaves you with just as much feeling.

From Washington to Tennessee, Dreamer Boy has a childlike wonder and curiosity that shines through his work. When describing his most recent project, Taylor explains that, “The songs are about the love we have for ourselves, the love we have for our friends, and the love we can show the environment around us.”

After letting this 2021 album be my soundtrack for the last couple days, I’m wrapped in this wholesome and light record. I’m as much of a sucker for heartbreaking, moody ballads as the next guy, but there’s something about these song’s and their optimistic and authentic perception of love that has me craving connection. (Shocking, I know.) Stream some of my favorite tracks like Crybaby, Easier Said Than Done and All or Nothing to catch feelings.

To take the message of unity and healing even further, Dreamer Boy not only dropped an album on April 22, but organized an event to coincide with the release that benefits our planet. On the separate Instagram page he created for All The Ways We Are Together, Taylor collaborated with Root Nashville and One Tree Planted to make a difference.

Stream some Dreamer Boy, plant some trees, educate yourself and reflect on how we can better serve our Mother while we’re here.


Madeline Murphy is an Online Editor at Rowdy Magazine. She’s currently studying Journalism with a minor in Women’s Studies. Madeline can be found making Apple Music playlists, trying Nigella Lawson recipes and binging SATC. She’s fiercely passionate about social justice and the power of words. Her Instagram is @maduhlinemurphy


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