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Crank Up The Volume: It’s Rowdy’s Release Radar

Did everyone just agree to drop all of their tracks all at once?  

(@billieeilish / Instagram)


I don’t know if there was some sort of secret meeting in the music industry, but it seems like every artist decided to drop a new track all at once. And frankly, it’s kind of a lot to keep track of. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. Looking at the same four walls for I don’t even know how many months now can weigh down on you. The least the music industry can do is ensure that I don’t have to listen to the same songs over and over. 

So, plug in your AirPods. Maybe turn up that surround sound. Dim those lights and let the music engulf you. We have a lot of tracks to get through.

1) Flo Milli — Ho, why is you here?

This is a hell of a summer for Flo Milli. The 20-year-old (!!!) has all of us obsessed over her debut album with flows so smooth and energies so fire. All of the 12 songs on Flo’s album are sans features — meaning we get to listen to her bops without any distractions from any other artist. It's Flo Milli's time to shine, after all.

2) Taylor Swift — Folklore

Taylor gave us a 16-hour warning to prepare for the album that might be the highlight of her career. (And, that says something. Can you remember a time when she wasn’t famous?) With a whopping 17 songs, Taylor made us swoon, gasp and even shed a couple of tears in her album dripping in cottagecore nostalgia. Check out Rowdy’s official review here.

3) Billie Eillish — my future

In classic Billie fashion, my future whispers into your soul and gives you chills upon chills. You can picture Billie's beautiful smile while listening to the track as she sang about self-love and finally being excited about the future. It's a lot of growth for Billie, considering the lyrics discussing her mental health in WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? The best part: the song was released on her big brother Finneas's birthday. Now, excuse me while I play this on repeat 20 more times.

4) Logic — No Pressure 

This album’s pretty conflicting — on one hand, we’re loving the drop, but on the other we’re just sad that it’s his last drop before his retirement. The album pays homage to Logic’s influences: from Kanye, J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar, but Logic's own style still manages to shine through.

5) Rihanna 

JK, she hates us. 

6) J. Cole — The Fall Off

On July 22, the rapper dropped two tracks from his upcoming album The Fall Off: The Climb Back and Lion King on Ice. No release date has been giving for his upcoming album. So, I guess he’s just going to play with his fans’ feelings and leave them in suspense? 

7) Troye Sivan — Easy

It’s been two years since we've heard from my baby boy. But on July 17 he soothed our mind with Easy. In the song, Sivan sings against catchy synth beats while he tells a past partner about his lingering feelings of love. It honestly felt like it could’ve been taken right out of a rom-com soundtrack, but that might be the distraction I need right now.

While the amount of music released within these last two weeks has me in a bit of a frenzy, I give to say a thanks to the music gods. Now, if only Frank Ocean showed up to the launch party.


Lauren Rousseau is the Online Editor at Rowdy Magazine. She loves watching drug-store versions of The Bachelor and baking cookies at innapropriate hours. You can find her on Instagram at @laurenxrousseau and email her pitches at

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