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Black Joy : A Black History Month Series

In honor of Black History Month, Rowdy reached out to several Black creatives to share and uplift their work in a series titled, "Black Joy." Black History Month is the time to celebrate and uplift Black people. Rowdy's goal has always been to empower marginalized communities. So, in closing of this month we've decided to hand over the microphone to Black creatives as a part of our new series, "Black Joy."

The following entries were created by Black artists who have allowed Rowdy to share their work.

For any questions or concerns, please reach out to

Thank you for reading.


Michael Lee

Michael Lee (He/Him) is a Black photographer from Portland Oregon. He's a self taught analog photographer with a love for fashion and color.

Brittany Young

Brittany Young is a creative from Gainesville attending the University of Delaware where she plays on the lacrosse team. She is pursuing a marketing degree in school right now but hopes to become a filmmaker or creative director post-grad.

Jade Dyamond

Jade Dyamond (She/Her) is an emerging self-taught visual artist based in Miami. Her primary medium of expression is acrylic, oil, and spray paint work on canvas. From a young age, both the environment and art has inspired her. It has created a basis for her art, which led to her capturing the beauty and core of the Earth and relaying it on canvas. She believes in community and is heavily involved within her own. From volunteering to offering painting sessions, Jade believes life should not be wasted and that everyone should follow their dreams and keep working toward them. Through her art, she wants to inspire others to look within themselves, remember their forgotten dreams, and to pursue them.

Jerry Jerome

Bergeron Boy is an album about love, Black masculinity, and risk created by Jerry Jerome.


The all-Black creatives featured in this project include Michael Lee, Brittany Young, Jade Dyamond and Jerry Jerome.


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