An Ode To Real Clothes: Hi! We Miss You!

#GoingNoWhereButFuckItImGettingDressed is our new favorite hashtag, and it should be yours, too.

(Valerie Muzondi / Rowdy Magazine Art Director)

Ahh, yes. Team Rowdy worshipping Leandra Medine's ManRepeller. It's just a normal weekday for us.

Whether or not we agree, many cities around the country are re-opening after the COVID-19 pandemic that has transformed our world. While we at Rowdy love and support local businesses, we recognize the importance to stay home as much as possible to reduce the spread of the virus.

With this being said, as we're transitioning into being functional beings in society again, we're moving less and less towards wearing the same pair of sweatpants for 3 days straight around the house.

When the time comes, we'll be ready for ya, dress slacks.

Introducing ManRepeller's #GoingNoWhereButFuckItImGettingDressed. (Read: the excuse you needed to bust out your mom's vintage satin gloves and polka-dolt overalls)

Originally written for Leandra's quarantine style rules (and how to break them), hashtag has since grown to have over 13.3k entries on Instagram. Some of our favorite fashion foward influencers like @AlyssaInTheCity, @SydneySua, @Nnennaechem,@PoppyAlmond and @Lucianes have hopped into the trend.

#GoingNoWhereButFuckItImGettingDressed speaks to all of us: Sometimes, we just wanna literally wear oversized frat shirts, but other times, its fun to play dress-up even though it feels like the world is imploding before our very eyes.

We asked our team to pull out their fancy ~shmancy~ pants from the back of their drawers and break down their OOTQ (Outfit Of The Quarantine). Since we're re-opening, I guess we can call it #MaybeGoingSomewhereWhenItsSafeSoFuckItImGettingDressedAnyways... ?

Check out our outfit receipts down below.



Which led to...

(Editors Note: Always Ask Before Borrowing Your Sister's Clothes)