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A Very Mindful Holiday Season

Rowdy’s Guide to being an informed and inclusive consumer



With the start of Hanukkah and less than a week until Christmas, chances are you haven’t gotten all your gifts in order. In the spirit of goodwill and cheer, we’ve compiled a guide where you can check everything off your list AND be a mindful consumer. The best way to make a positive impact this holiday season is to support small and BIPOC-owned businesses and ethically-produced goods. So, happy holidays and happy gifting!

1. An Experience!

Before we get into the goods, it’s necessary to include that sometimes the best gifts aren’t even gifts at all. Material presents can be fun but gifting a loved one an experience can be more memorable. Quality time is better than UGG Tasman slippers, we promise you!

Some examples include:

  • Making a charcuterie board or fun dessert and having a picnic

  • Taking a cooking class together

  • Going on a bike ride or a hike

  • Taking a day trip to a nearby town

  • Buying concert or theater tickets for two

  • Getting a massage, facial, or acupuncture treatment at the same time

2. Handmade crochet flowers

Crochet flowers are a sweet and sustainable alternative to gifting flowers. They are handmade and can last forever (on top of being insanely cute). Check out the product below and similar styles from this woman-owned shop in North Carolina.

3. Ethically Produced, Indigenous-owned beauty products

Cheekbone Beauty is an Indigenous-owned cosmetic company that is dedicated to creating goods with “low environmental impact and maximum wearability.” On top of their commitment to sustainability, they have donated over $150,000 to a range of non-profit organizations. By supporting Cheekbone Beauty, you’re also supporting indigenous communities across North America.

4. KOBO Candles

It’s time for Diptyque, Capri Blue Volcano, and good old Bath & Body Works to move over. KOBO candles are made of domestically grown, sustainable soybeans. Each candle is free of additives, dyes, phthalates, and oil-based petroleum products. Their unique scents range from “fresh cut grass” to “Portuguese olive blossom.” The best part: their “Plant the Box” collection comes in seed-infused packaging that grows the plant, herb, or flower that inspired the scent.

5. Food sampler

Expand your palate with a fun food sampler like this East Asian Omsom Sampler from a Black-owned shop, Yowie. The box contains 6 starters like Japanese Yuzu Misoyaki and Korean Spicy Bulgogithat can be cooked up in under 30 minutes. Even better, they’re all gluten-free and vegan!

6. Produce Subscription

Knock out any health-related New Year’s resolutions with a produce subscription box! This is a great way to get delicious fresh fruits and vegetables delivered directly to your door. Misfits Market sends produce that stores can’t sell due to cosmetic blemishes or surplus AND at a reduced cost. They also use compostable bags, eco-friendly insulation and recycled cardboard. You should also see what is available from farms in your local area!

7. Buy a gift card to a local business

Amazon, Target and Starbucks may seem like the obvious gift card choice but choosing a local business is a more personal take on the famously impersonal gift. We recommend Gainesville favorites like Curia on the Drag or Serpentine. A great option is a Gainesville local gift card through Giverrang. The card can be spent at any independent business in town that accepts Mastercard. Help Gainesville stay independent by supporting the places that make it a unique and loveable place!


Alex Mowrey is a Videographer and former Online Director for Rowdy Magazine. She is studying Digital Film & TV production at the University of Florida. You can find her on Instagram @a.mow


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