The 17 Weirdest Parts of 2020

Here's to a new year that's a tamer dumpster fire than this last one

( @girlpartyshop / Instagram )

There’s a reason why's People's Choice 2020 word of the year is “unprecedented.” This year has been a flood of sewer water down each step taken was a foot smushed into some new find of dogshit. Now, looking back on everything just feels like a fever dream – the year that never ends has been condensed to a blur.

So, to remind you of the craziness, here’s 19 of the weirdest, most WTF moments of the year (not in any particular order).

1. Toilet paper stockpiles

Growing up, the idea of what the nation would do if the world ended as we knew it ensued strategic conversations. Little did we know that when the country shut down, the nation would count on toilet paper to save them.

Oh, America. Gotta love our reputation.

2. Four Seasons Total Landscaping

Less than 24-hours after Joe Biden was announced as the new president-elect of the United States, President Donald Trump held a press conference at what he expected to be a luxury resort but what turned out to be at the parking lot of Four Seasons Total Landscaping.

Karma? Was that you?

3. Celebrities thought singing would save us all

Listen. I know music is powerful but who asked for this? In an effort to encourage Americans to adhere to stay-at-home advisories, Gal Gadot challenged fellow celebrities to cover John Lennon’s Imagine that simply just communicated that celebrities are as disconnected to us more than ever.

The ballad being passed around from one tone-deaf person to another just felt like an endless game of going musical chairs — going round and round and round but everyone falling.

4. Crocs became cool

Many took on a new perspective for these shoes this year. These rubber clogs became an exuberant form of expression. But I mean, hey! At least it’s a more affordable trend to spiral through the internet.

5. Murder hornets just had to show up

Of course. As 2020 could not be lethal enough, Asian giant hornets, which could puncture a painful venom into human skin, were found by scientists in the United States. Comforting.

6. Sarah Palin rapped Baby Got Back

Yes, you read that right. The former governor of Alaska, dressed in a furry, carebear-colored ensemble, rapped “I like big butts and I cannot lie” with such a growl that my ears wanted to fold into myself.

Thanks, cable television.

7. Tiger King was binge-watched

The age of Tiger King may have been one of the most purest pandemic periods. Things were great. Everyone was binge-watching this series and spiraling into Carole Baskin conspiracy theories.

Eight months later and “Carole Baskin / Killed her husband / Wacked him” still gets stuck in my head from time to time.

8. People drew fruit on Instagram

Oh, this took #MakeInstagramCasualAgain to a whole new level — like 2008 Facebook game level. Now, the threads of carrot and orange drawings just feel like a fever dream.

9. Flygate

Vice President Pence didn’t get too much airtime in the last four years. But the Internet saw a lot of him and his winged friend after his debate with Kamala Harris. Unfortunately for him, all anyone could remember from that night is his ability to attract flies. The little guy was so popular, @MikePencefly_ became a new Twitter star.