Zarin Ismail

Online Copy Editor・She/Her

Zarin Ismail is an online Copy Editor for Rowdy Magazine and a second-year journalism student at the University of Florida. She hopes to leverage her writing experience as a civil attorney aiding underserved communities.

Zarin specializes in journalistic and academic writing, with an emphasis on editorial and lifestyle pieces. She has loved writing since she was a toddler: from writing short stories on her Magna Doodle to holding spelling bees with her stuffed animals.

In her off hours, Zarin plays with her cat, eats sushi with utter gusto and watches too many TV shows at a time. An avid consumer of Asian content, Zarin is always watching Korean films and dramas, anime or old Hindi-language movies. Her favorite musical artists include BTS, Tame Impala, HOME and The Neighbourhood.

She adores her cat a normal (read: huge) amount. If you compliment her, she will be grateful, but if you compliment her cat, she may ask for your hand in marriage. Beware, but also, please compliment her cat.