Valerie Muzondi

Art Director・she/her

Valerie Muzondi, is a 3rd year graphic design major from Harare, Zimbabwe. She started out being a designer on Rowdy’s first issue, making stickers and ads for the magazine. After being a layout designer for a year and a half, she became the Art Director and plans to be with Rowdy she graduates.

She’s been involved in art her whole life—winning art competitions in primary school, having the dream job of becoming a fashion designer, being a flutist for 6 years, to name some examples. She discovered her love for photography and graphic design in high school and the rest is history. Outside of Rowdy Magazine, she is an Ambassador for the School of Art and Art History at the University of Florida, so if you have any questions about the art school don’t hesitate to email her at!

She gave herself the nickname Mrs. Worldwide because she lived in Africa, Australia, and some other unimportant places. When she isn’t obsessively organizing her Pinterest boards, she is watching hour long movie analysis videos on YouTube or window shopping on Aliexpress (yes she ordered the knock off Vivienne Westwood necklace 🙄).