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Tiffany Fang

Co-Editor in Chief・She/Her

Tiffany is a first-year Advertising student originally from Northern Virginia near Washington, D.C. She joined Rowdy because of her love for design (her attention to detail is a double edged sword) and fiery passion for writing (she has a lot of opinions). Her role in Rowdy is... well, a bit complicated. She writes, she designs for social media and the print issue, but now she's managed to get her toes dipped in every department as Co-EIC.

She is obsessed with music (she has been to more concerts than you can count on both hands), fashion, media, and pop culture. You can count on her to always be on top of the latest song, video, podcast, and show releases. Her biggest flex is probably meeting Role Model and having him sign her high school ID (she still can't believe it happened). She loves journaling, reading, biking, filming and editing, and so much more.

Ideally, Tiffany would love to be a creative director in the field of fashion, makeup, beauty, or media. In addition to creating or inhaling media, you can find her getting yet another piercing after going on a shopping spree, spewing (in her opinion) witty jokes, or reading that book she bought months ago.

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