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Tiffany Fang

Co-Editor in Chief・She/Her

Tiffany Fang is a second-year advertising student at the University of Florida. She is an east coast native (from the boring suburbs of northern Virginia) and is obsessed with everything from culture to media. As a very creative person, she truly cannot choose just one thing; from graphic design to writing to film, she truly loves it all. When she’s not Google Calendaring or Sheeting (because those are verbs, right?), you can find her lost in her music (R&B, hip hop, rap and indie are her shiiiiit), watching YouTube (Cody Ko, BestDressed, & Emma Chamberlain!!), or exploring a new city (she’s a New York girlie through and through). She also has a rabid case of RBF (resting bitch face), but please don’t be scared to spark up a conversation with her <3 she’ll share all her opinions and hot takes with you in a heartbeat.


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