Sandra Salvatierra


Sandra is a writer across all mediums — Instagram captions, blog articles and film treatments that may or may not get picked up by A24 (a girl can imagine). When she isn't thinking about Bad Bunny, she is studying advertising and English at the University of Florida. She isn't ready to think about the real world even though she graduates in December 2021. Don't remind her, please & thank you!
Sandra is a long-time Rowdy member with experience in both the editorial and marketing teams. She loves celebrating the artsy, "I'm-Not-Like-The-Other-Girls" side of Gainesville through Rowdy events and magazine content.
When she isn't at Concord Coffee working on Rowdy content, you can find Sandra (1) watching a Cody Ko & Noel Miller video on Youtube, (2) pinning a recipe to her Pinterest board (while eating takeout) or (3) blasting music by KAYTRANADA.