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Olivia Hudson

Social Media Coordinator・She/Her

Liv is a second-year public relations student at the University of Florida on the pre-law track. She is from Jacksonville, Florida but enjoys her time in Gainesville a little too much. She is passionate about all things fashion and you are likely to find her on campus in an outfit that makes zero sense to most, but works perfectly in her little brain. She will yap on and on about her favorite movies and TV shows (LaLa Land and Game of Thrones), making sure you follow her Letterboxd account. You will seldom see her without a Diet Coke in hand, possibly two. If she is not rotting on the couch with her roommates (whom she loves dearly), she is doing yoga or reading (historical fiction duh). As mentioned before, she LOVES to yap, so talk to her! She's bored.


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