Nabiha Nur

Online Copyeditor・she/her

Nabiha Nur is a second year Linguistics student at the University of Florida. Her love for language comes second only to storytelling and media analysis. Despite her major she aims to be a screenwriter that details universal stories and social issues through fictional narratives, a path that started when she read her first Percy Jackson book in third grade.

She is passionate about social justice issues and her Bengali heritage, and will never shut up about how capitalism is the root of all her problems. She's a visual artist, and is constantly experimenting with mixed media and design. Her favorite movie is Jurassic Park (because dinosaurs, duh) and she unironically thinks Shrek 2 is the best movie sequel to ever exist (and is still upset that the "Holding Out for a Hero" cover by Jennifer Saunders is still not on Spotify).

She's a wannabe Bong Joon Ho, Capricorn, ENTP, lover of pistachio khulfi and personality quizzes. In her free time she loves perfecting her 'enemies to lovers' Spotify playlist, learning Bollywood dances, or planning her never ending arsenal of story ideas through carefully curated Pinterest boards.