Michelle Holder

Print Writer・she/her

Michelle is a writer and journalist at UF. She majors in journalism and minors in entrepreneurship.
As a Dutch-American citizen, Michelle has always had a passion for international affairs, a love for travel and eating hagelslag. Her dream job is to work globally as a foreign correspondent and share stories of people all over the world.
When she's not hitting up local coffee shops or journaling in a messy, Moleskin notebook, you can find her loading up her Amazon cart with another book haul or squatting weights at the gym. She enjoys perusing Gainesville with her friends, collecting and trying different types of pens and stationary, and gaming on her yellow Nintendo Switch Lite. An Aquarius and a Stan Smith show enthusiast, Michelle wants to inspire people to chase after their dreams and be their authentic selves.
She joined Rowdy in Summer 2020.