Livv Haut

Online Writer・she/her

Livv (or Olivia, if you must) Haut is an Online Writer for Rowdy Magazine. Originally from South Florida, Livv is currently a freshman at the University of Florida, seeking a degree in Political Science.
Livv's writings draw on inspiration from all her passions in life. Whether her articles touch on subjects as fun as dating tips in college or as serious as social justice and our own government institution, Livv believes there is no subject that should go ignored. To her, good journalism is as inclusive and objective as possible.
Her long term aspirations involve living in some kind of city (hopefully with a cat), working in political journalism and creating her own Dakota Johnson inspired green kitchen. If you ever want to relive you 2014 Tumblr phase or go thrifting for eccentric jackets, she's your gal! ;)