Jazz Abraham

Staff Writer・she/her

Jazz is a Persian person born and raised in Kuwait. She can speak fluent Farsi, English, and conversational Arabic, French, and Spanish. She also happens to be a singer/songwriter who writes about things she hasn’t experienced and (yes, “and,” because you’re probably wondering how she could possibly get any cooler) she is a film student in Austin where she’ll be studying the directing and screenwriting arts.
At age 13, Fight Club made her class conscious while Dead Poets Society made her fall in love with radical and revolutionary literary works, so be sure to keep an eye out for some odd works from a very opinionated individual.
Outside of writing, she is passionate about music, film, annoying her mother, women/POC rights, 70s rock, orangutans, and Brad Pitt. In no particular order. When she’s not partaking in all that, you’ll find her obsessing over her playlists like she’s Narcissus and her Spotify is the lake.