Grey Graham

Hair & Makeup Artist・they/them

Greyson is a creative born and raised in South Florida. Currently living in Gainesville to study environmental science at UF, they also joined Rowdy as a Beauty Manager and are now the hair and makeup artist. They have been part of the team since issue IV and absolutely love it and seeing their actual work in print!

All their life, Grey has wanted to actively invest in both the sciences and extreme creative expression. While academically pursuing an aerospace career and their involvement with Science Olympiad (f*ckin nerd!) checked that science box, they were constantly trying to one-up themself to feel creatively fulfilled. Years of bleach damage, the craziest makeup available, dozens of needles (for piercings n ink!!), and always being the weirdest dressed in class -- and then learning to love it -- have made them who they are. (is that a good thing?)

When not actively being gay, protesting, and causing An Absolute Scene in their conservative neighbourhood, you can 100% find them impulsively dyeing their hair or giving themself a sh*tty tattoo or fully beating their face to the heavens at 3am or something else that isn't that assignment due in half an hour, dude!!!