Ella Terran

Stylist ・she/her

Ella Terran is an artist and small business owner who has been with Rowdy since Volume IV as a stylist. She is currently studying advertising and art at UF, but has dreams of living in California or New York post-graduation to pursue her fashion dreams.

She founded Bingelion in 2017, a small ecommerce store named for her binge shopping addiction and wild, lion-like hair, where she sells clothing and accessories that she has repurposed. Her store reflects her two greatest passions: sustainability and self-expression. She aspires to make Bingelion a global, sustainable fashion brand one day.

Outside of Rowdy you can find Ella making oddly specific playlists (if you ever need a playlist of music she wishes she could hear for the first time again, she’s got you), studying her friends’ birth charts, or looking for her next greatest thrift store find.