Angelice Nguyen

Photo Director・she/her

Angelice Nguyen is a Pensacola, FL native and one of the many new additions to the Rowdy fam.

She grew up watching Sex and the City, Project Runway, and reading Vogue despite not knowing how to correctly pronounce the name until middle school. Being Carrie Bradshaw's biggest stan, she has always had a love for fashion and Rowdy gave her an outlet to express this. One day, she hopes to live the Carrie Bradshaw life of being young and living in New York City.

If she isn't taking one of her daily self-care naps, you can usually find Angelice out thrifting or taking ridiculous pictures of her friends and calling it "editorial." And if not that, her Virgo sun is probably causing her to rearrange her room for the 100th time.