Alessandra Ayala

Campaigns Assistant・she/her

Alessandra Ayala is currently a marketing student at the University of Florida but was born and raised in the 305. She’s been with Rowdy since Volume 3 as a part of the marketing team. She’s dabbled a bit with influencer relations, PR, and campaign strategy within the marketing team.

She’s passionate about various subjects such as fashion, entertainment, social justice reform, and sustainability. Apart from Rowdy, she is trying to channel her inner Miranda Hobbes and overworking herself with two internships this semester. In the future, she hopes to work for an entertainment company like NBC or HBO in their marketing department, move to New York City, and live her best life.

You can always find her at your local vintage market, emptying her bank account on an entirely new wardrobe and spending hours organizing her Notion so she can pretend like she has her sh*t together.