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Adrianna Mertz


Adrianna Mertz is a third year marketing student and is the most confidently unconfident 20 year old of her own coming-of-age movie, as most are. She is originally from Las Vegas but has been in a small town called Palm Coast for the last ten or so years -- and Adrianna's personality is a reflection of this; reserved and introverted when she wants to be, but charismatic and fun when it is warranted. This is the balance of life for someone who is 6'0 that usually operates like they are 5'6. Adrianna is quick-witted, a night owl, and the biggest empath you will ever meet, proven by her cancer stellium and the over-prominence of water in her birth chart.

Adrianna loves anything creative, especially when it pertains to music. When she is not at home spinning records, singing to herself, or on twitter keeping up with her favorite artists, you will find her against a barricade having the time of her life at your local venue. Adrianna's ultimate goal is to climb the music industry latter and be able to represent some of her favorite artists through their labels/management however possible. Although, this doesn't stop her from fantasizing about the other paths her life could take -- you miss 100% of the shots you don't take, and she will be taking all of them!


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