• Race, religion, ethnicity, size, class, sexual preferences––it can be tricky to manage all the little aspects that form your identity. We’re supposed to have it all figured out, right? Well, we’ve got some issues...

    Volume 2

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    • Printed on an 8.5 x 11, saddle stitched 76-page book. Featuring:


      • Abigail Cherubin takes a a look into the way the fashion industry perpetuates colorism (and how we can break the cycle!) 


      • Julia Shapiro has a candid discussion with Jewish and Muslim orthodox women on how they use make-up to express and uplift themselves while living modestly.


      • Ava Loomar dives into how skate-culture has been used as a catalyst for androgyny and non-binary inclusivity through streetwear’s insurgence.


      • Peyton Whittington shines a spotlight on the celebration of the history and influence of Chola-style on modern fashion trends during Hispanic Heritage Month.


      • Julia Shapiro examines of how the body-positivity movement still leaves out visibly plus-sized women and how plus-sized women of color are making the path for change.