• Our style gives us power. It reflects society and can be an effective weapon for change. The debut issue of Rowdy Magazine inspires you to create communities where you can say, “Dress Rowdy. Fuck it.”

    Volume 1

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    • On this Odyssey Through Space and Time, printed on an 8.5 x 11, saddle-stitch 48-page book, we’ll visit:


      • The 19th Century Wild West: where Duffey Anderson explores a timeline of how women used evolving fashion to transcend boundaries and find independence in a quickly growing nation.


      • The 1960s: where Natalie Davis shows the effect of the Space Race and the current Mission to Mars on the tech-based fashion of the future. 


      • The 1970s: where Emily Locke discusses the intersection of politics and fashion and how the counterculture gave people not only discotheques and high-waisted pants, but the power to be heard.


      • The 1990s: where Nicole Needles gives pointers on how to replicate the fashion of your favorite 90s it-girls. Rachel Green’s plaid mini-skirt never goes out of style!



      +  With special features like: a guide to local eateries and activities, a custom playlist for each article's mood, coupons to Gainesville vendors and more!