Where The Planets Will Be During Inauguration

If shit doesn’t go down I’ll be EXTREMELY surprised

( Selin Kilinc / Rowdy Magazine Graphic Designer)

Anxious but excited. Relieved but worried. That is how I feel about Jan. 20, 2021, and after the insurrection of the Capitol and 45’s presidency, I am sure I am not alone in my feelings. But here’s what the stars will have to say on that Wednesday afternoon.

The Sun will be in Aquarius.

The Sun’s position in the natal chart governs purpose and style. It is who you are. Aquarius is progressive, independent; It makes people strive to be humanitarians. Progressiveness on such an important day for politics could mean good things.

The Moon will be in Aries.

The Moon reveals our instincts, habits and reactions. It impacts how we handle and express emotions. It also reflects our needs. Aries is passionate, motivated, sexy and confident. Confidence in our reactions is a double-edged sword. People may act a bit childish since the fire sign is the youngest of the zodiac. After the insurrection, who knows what kind of childish behavior the Moon could bring out of people?

Mercury will be in Aquarius.

Ouf. Mercury dictates how we communicate and make decisions. If the Moon controls your heart, then Mercury controls your brain. The reason I said ouf is (I can be shady. I have an Aqua stellium in my first house.) because Aquarians can be quite detached and hard to read. On the other hand, however, Aquarius inspires people to think abstractly and predict things with your intuition. This has the power to be beneficial if people on political sides think abstractly about the “other side” of things.

Venus will be in Capricorn.

Venus: the planet of luck, vision, expansion and love. Venus controls how we love. Capricorns love in a withdrawn, non-expressive way. If your partner is distant or reserved, don’t freak out. They may just be letting the earth sign get to them.

But I have left the most important planet on the day of Inauguration for last: Mars.

Mars will be in Taurus.

Mars makes us take action. If you’re mad, if you’re having sex, if you’re starting a new plan. Mars is the planet of action and aggressive instincts. Since Mars will be in Taurus, people will actualize their plans. Taurus does not like to waste time. But Mars won’t just be in Taurus.

Mars will also be in a conjunction with Uranus.

In astrology, a conjunction is when two or more planets line up exactly. As they are lined up, they work together. Mars is the planet of energy, action and desire. Uranus is the planet of restlessness and short tempers. There will only be 0.04 degrees between them at 6 degrees of Taurus at noon on that day: the exact time Joe Biden will be sworn in as president.

The Mars conjunct Uranus occurs about once every two years and hasn’t happened since February 2019. This transit is known for giving people remarkable energy.

Mars conjunct Uranus transit makes you want to break out of your habits or anything holding you back and be bold. You’ll want to do something exciting, something uncharacteristic of you. Ride a rollercoaster. Kiss a girl. Quit your job. And as fun as this may seem, on Inauguration Day, this could mean chaos.

People will have strong urges to break out habits or limitations, large amounts of people who have been otherwise safe during the pandemic may feel the need to break out of their quarantine and do something they miss. Or Trump supporters may have the energy and the strong urge to cause problems, especially with the Moon in Aries making people extra childish.

This transit causes people to take risks. There is likely to be shock and protest and unrest. Anything can happen, and the consequences may be severe.

People need to be careful now more than ever. Practice self-control. Use the energy from Taurus to be practical and efficient. And above all, stay safe.

Grace Romo is Rowdy Magazine’s Copy Editor. Her sun is in Libra, but she has an Aquarius stellium in her first house so she is internally a water bearer. When she isn’t writing poetry or taking pictures, she is listening to indie music way too loud. You can follow her on Instagram @msromoo for anti-racism tips and song recommendations.