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WEAR have you been on campus? - what people are wearing back to school this fall.


Back-to-school season might mean bidding farewell to summer swimwear and mini dresses, but if you’re anything like us here at Rowdy, you know that fall is the time when the true fashion lovers come out to play. Whether it’s due to an internal desire to fulfill your Rory Gilmore autumn aesthetic or the temperatures are actually starting to dip below 70, it’ll soon be time to bundle up and get those luxe layers out of the back of your closet. Leather, knitwear and fur —oh my!

With fashion month coming to an end, we’ve definitely taken note of the upcoming trends from designers on the runway this fall. This also means that we’ve been figuring out ways to incorporate these trends into our everyday style now that we’re all back on campus. Now, going to class isn’t exactly the same as New York Fashion Week, except according to Rowdy, it totally is.

Students at UF are no exception to the newfound dress code this fall. As we make our way back to classes, we are noticing many of our peers have dressed to impress, with many of our favorite trends surfacing. One student in particular has taken a special notice of the keen sense of style here at UF and has found a special way to highlight it.


SOURCE: Instagram:@/ufloutfits



Sara Ismail is only a freshman here at UF, but she has already come to realize what makes our campus so special: our authenticity and individuality. Sara created an Instagram (@/ufloutfits) dedicated to appreciating those with unique style. When interviewing her about this newfound hobby, here’s what she had to say:

What fashion trends are you noticing among UF students this fall?

“The main thing I’ve noticed throughout these outfits is originality. To be completely honest with you, there are so many trends circling around like the rise of nighttime Y2K fashion, and a lot of unique staple pieces like big hats or bags to make the outfit stand out. Everyone has a different style, and the main thing I notice when trying to take a photo of someone is how unique their outfit is in comparison to ath-leisure and if they are confident!”

What do you think makes UF unique in terms of on-campus fashion?

“I definitely think that the accepting culture at UF helps everyone embrace their own styles with limited amounts of judgment. With the UF community being an advocate for diversity and creativity, it’s really visible to me that everyone is comfortable enough to express themselves through their fashion.”

How and why did you start @ufloutfits?

“I started UF outfits because I had been seeing so many cool outfits on campus without any recognition. I had seen some Instagrams for other universities with similar ideas and realized that UF did not have that, which is why I wanted to bring it! I just decided one day, you know what, I’m going to do this, and [I] brought my camera out with me and started asking people for their photos. It’s been a really positive experience thus far, and I’m so glad that so many students are enjoying it as much as I am.”


SOURCE: Instagram:@/ufloutfits


Sabrina Castro is an online writer at Rowdy Magazine as well as part of the social media team! When she's not obsessing over the latest TikTok trends with her cat, Lucifer, you can find her at the local Gainesville thrift stores searching for hidden Y2K gems. You can find her on instagram @sabswurld.


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