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Sitting with “Sitting on Stacy”

Plus with Bands like “Honorable Mentions” and “Sigs Inside” that are Helping Gainesville’s Music Scene Thrive Year Round

Credit: Lauren Gregorio


Hailing from the idyllic West Coast, “Sitting on Stacy” is a California-based band that blends elements of rock, punk and indie genres into a versatile discography. Songs like “Love Sick” are perfect when watching sunsets on road trips, while songs like “California” are a necessity for getting ready for a night out. Fortunately for us, “Sitting on Stacy” made the trek to the other United States coast to perform at the beloved High Dive institution; fortunately for Rowdy Magazine, we got to hear their story.

Originally from Ventura, California, Hoyt Yeatman (vocals and guitar), Kyle Hart (bassist and vocals), and Trevor Smith (drums) all knew each other growing up with the latter’s father running a School of Rock-esque music school. “Kids would just make bands, learn some songs and play for their parents…Slowly, as we got to high school, we decided to start a proper band,” Yeatman recalled.

With a couple of names thrown around like “Warm Fun” and “Atlantic Beard,” they stumbled on the name “Sitting on Stacy.”

Their fundamental adoration for music coupled with their long-term friendship has enabled this band to scale up quickly. The band’s rise to fame began while playing at various college parties – whether in backyards or small stages – in San Diego, California. “DIY venues” turned to crazy concerts with one beachfront house party starting with nearly 300 people in the crowd and ending with about “...1000 stuffed together slowly inching towards the stage,” Yeatman said.

Soon enough, the band caught the attention of household names like “Misterwives,” Rome Ramirez of “Sublime with Rome” and the “Jonas Brothers.” Back in 2021, they even opened for the latter in different cities across the United States and Mexico with sold-out stadiums with the audience getting treated to an electrifying experience that transcended the typical concert atmosphere.

Songwriting never follows the same pattern. The trio collaborates by engaging in collective music sessions, improvising and exchanging concepts based on any source of inspiration. Hart recalled how they nailed the chorus of “Some Kind of Way” immediately, meanwhile, the verse followed suit much later. Yeatman mentioned how there will be times when a song was “...playing in my head and we’ll record it in our studio really late at night.” At first, they wanted to make music because “there is no better feeling than finishing a song and it is exactly how you pictured it. It is the best feeling ever.” As they have grown into their style, they make sure every lyric is significant – that every lyric tells the story they want it to tell.

The bandmates have had artists be their lifeline – such as The Beatles and Police – thus they hope to make their songs that for others. Hart discussed that “...though cliche, we want it to be relatable for many.” “Sitting on Stacy” currently has two albums out, “Obsessed” and “Perfectly Sane.” Their newest single “Raincoat” was released on October 27, 2023. The song delves into the all-too-familiar feeling of being deeply infatuated with someone going as far as being a "...bright yellow raincoat." For future endeavors, “Sitting on Stacy” will be wrapping up their United States tour and their third album will be released sometime early next year.

Luckily, “Sitting on Stacy”’s concert was accompanied by two local bands “Honorable Mentions” and “Sigs Inside” who are here year-round.

Credit: Honorable Mentions


Honorable Mentions” was founded by former bandmate Gavan Duffy earlier this year along with Jack Glickstein (vocals and guitar). Other bandmates include Jack Vitchock (guitar), Manny Uribe (drums), and Max Goldman (keyboardist). Blending both rock and alternative tunes, “Honorable Mentions” has already established their mark in Gainesville, FL. Ever since their formation, they have been performing and recording with their main focus on songwriting which is usually done “ a collective that brings new ideas to the table.” Currently, they have been playing locally around Gainesville, FL, however, are “...looking to do a local tour soon.”

Credit: Lauren Gregorio


Sigs Inside” is comprised of Evan Fleischer, Reese Watkins, Phillip Thompson, Dylan King and Lakshay Goyal. Back in 2019, Thompson started the band as a freshman. It fizzled out until “I met two of the most talented people, Evan and Reese, who came to us last year. I thought it was time to bring back the band,” Thomas said. Now playing at various events and tailgates at the University of Florida, “Sigs Inside” has become a fan favorite always putting unique spins on staple songs like “Kilby Girl” by The Backseat Lovers and “Revival” by Zach Bryan.

Discussing their journey into developing their songs like “Roses,” they emphasized their differences in music taste as a strong asset. Fleischer enjoys listening to Joni Mitchell, meanwhile, Watkins has an affinity “...for pop punk and 90s alternative rock.” Thomas, through his minor in music, draws from classical and flamenco music. Each bandmate has different preferences that mesh perfectly on stage.

Fleischer mentioned the importance of uplifting artists in the Gainesville space and even for others around Florida, stating their band hopes to “...make it something bigger than themselves.”

Not all bandmates were in attendance, however, "Sigs Inside" received an unexpected, and extremely talented, guest to help them perform. Charlie Pennella, a current sophomore in high school from Jacksonville, FL direct messaged “Sigs Inside” once he learned they would be opening for “Sitting on Stacy.” Unbeknownst to him, the band’s bassist could not play and invited him to play alongside them. “Sigs Inside” will continue playing around Gainesville, FL with new songs along the way.

Credit: Honorable Mentions

Pictured are all the bands together after the performance.


Ultimately, the band I came to love during the pandemic is “Sitting on Stacy,” with their music consistently finding its way onto my various playlists. Their performance in Gainesville, FL, alongside other notable acts like “Honorable Mentions” and “Sigs Inside,” highlights the vibrant music scene in our city. While we may not be Nashville, TN, or Los Angeles, CA, Gainesville, FL is carving out its own unique musical identity worthy of recognition.


Lauren Gregorio is an Online Editor for Rowdy Magazine. In her free time, you can find her either blasting a rotation of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Taylor Swift's discography into her ears thanks to her wired headphones, taking naps, or re-watching Modern Family.


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