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Rowdy's Summer Fashion Forecast

Mostly sunny with chance of Y2K

Just like the summer heat, these summer fashion trends are coming in hot! Whether you’re lounging on an island beach somewhere or frolicking around Europe with an Aperol spritz in hand, this summer is about finding which trends resonate best with your personal style. From coastal grandmother to modernized Y2K, we’re seeing the reemergence of many cyclical trends in the best way possible. The most noticeable movement we’re seeing among these summer trends is the shift from over-the-top Y2K to a more modern Y2K vibe through things like reimagined trends, knitwear and subversive basics.

When drawing inspo for summer style, we can’t help but think of Carrie Bradshaw wearing board shorts on the beach in “Sex and the City”, circa 2008. This may be a hot take, but with the reemergence of biker shorts over the past three years, are board shorts and bermuda shorts really that far off? If Emma Chamberlain rocks them, we too can adopt them as the perfect understated homage to Y2K fashion in our summer looks.

CREDIT: Sex and The City/Warner Bros.


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Board shorts not your thing? Tap into TikTok’s ultimate vibe for summer with the coastal grandmother aesthetic. Embrace this understated, ocean-side minimalism through staples like crochet pieces, linen pants, breezy button down shirts, capri sandals and maybe even a straw hat. Be warned: this trend could lead to an extreme desire to cozy up in a cable knit sweater and learn how to bake an apple pie.



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Subversive basics started out as a microtrend, but they have turned into long-lasting staples. These pieces have been around for the last few seasons and won’t be going anywhere this summer. With this post-modern approach on basics starting to define Gen-Z fashion, think: unconventional straps, mesh fabrics, lots of layering and creative cutouts. TikTok fashion trend forecaster Augustina Panzoni defined it as “basics that rebel up to the point of losing their utility.”

These Y2K summer trends definitely made their mark their first time around, but reimagined by Gen-Z they’re better than ever. With modern day fashion icons like Matilda Djerf and Bella Hadid rocking the trends, how could we not love them? The versatility of it all makes it both easy to incorporate into your personal style yet hard to choose a favorite. This sizzling summer trend forecast is definitely approved by the Rowdy Nation.


Sabrina Castro is an online writer at Rowdy Magazine as well as part of the social team! When she's not obsessing over the latest TikTok trends with her cat, Lucifer, you can find her at the local Gainesville thrift stores searching for hidden Y2K gems.


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