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Release Radar: Black History Month Edition

Your no.1 source for all the top releases from Black artists this year

( Valerie Muzondi / Rowdy Magazine Art Director )


We’re only a little over a month into 2021, and the music industry has already churned out banger after banger. We at Rowdy know how hard it can be to find new music, so we’ve done the hard part for you and curated all the best Black releases in honor of Black History Month (you can thank us later)!

It's so important to recognize the insane impact the Black community has had on every creative industry (especially music). So, for this Rowdy Release Radar, we‘ll be featuring some newly-released tunes exclusively from Black artists!

Read on for all the best new music, organized by ~vibe~, so that you can keep the music going for each and every one of your moods.

Hype music

For something easily playable at any high-energy function, consider MAZZA by slowthai (feat. A$AP Rocky). Rocky’s clever bars beautifully complement slowthai’s distinctly British voice and style. Alternately, if you’re hoping to go down a more electronic path, try Memories - 2021 Remix by David Guetta (feat. Kid Cudi). This track, a remix of the 2010 original, will serve nostalgic vibes all night long.

MLK Dr by Smino is also a fun track to queue up while on aux, but if the group you’re with likes trap, check out Masterpiece by Dababy. (Yes, I’m serious, and yes, I know he’s a meme.)

Also, check out Six Flags by Azealia Banks (I hope she’s OK) or Roaring 20s by none other than boss ass bitch Flo Milli to get a small dose of powerful rap from powerful women.

Chill vibes

A Piper For Janet, Cosmo Pyke’s latest EP, and Blue Lights - Machiavelli Sessions by Jorja Smith will give you the perfect backing tracks as you pop in your AirPods on a rainy day, brew a piping hot cup of tea and stare longingly out your window.

To set a chill study vibe, consider Don’t Judge Me by FKA twigs, Gravity by Brent Faiyaz (feat. Tyler, the Creator), and anything off of Madlib’s new album, Sound Ancestors.

Fun/Funky beats

Sometimes it’s kinda nice to take a break from the stress of the real world and have a solo dance party moment in your room. Pull A James Baldwin by Ric Wilson is easily one of the most danceable tracks on this list.

Also, if you’re searching for a funky yet chill rap/R&B vibe, you have to listen to Lost In America, Lo Village’s latest EP. Keep this group on your watchlist for sure; I’m expecting them to hella blow up in 2021. Another good funky rap option is Clinton Hill by Kota the Friend (and his entire new album, Lyrics to GO, Vol. 2), BTW.

SZA (She deserves her own category, ofc)

There are few people that can do it like SZA does it. How can I write this Rowdy Release Radar and not include Good Days, a track that’s taken the internet (and our hearts) by storm? It came out in late December 2020 (please forgive me), but absolutely deserves inclusion in this Release Radar. Just hoping she convinces Frank Ocean to remix it sometime soon, though.

Honorable mentions:

  1. ooh la la by Run The Jewels & Mexican Institute of Sound

  2. Angels by Jelani Aryeh

  3. The Lo-Fis by Steve Lacy (album) -- released in December 2020 but too good not to include

  4. Collapsed In Sunbeams by Arlo Parks (album)

  5. Jungle Mantra by DIVINE feat. Vince Staples and Pusha T


  7. Ain’t Enough by Drelli

To listen to all of the


Madison Rosenfield is an Online Writer at Rowdy Magazine. When she's not going down internet rabbit holes at 2 AM, she can usually be found curating the perfect Spotify playlist, celebrating her Jewish heritage, crafting, watching coming-of-age films, or taking action in support of causes she cares about. You can find her at @madisonrosenfield on Instagram or @madisonleahh on Twitter to get a deeper look at her passions and perspectives.


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