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New Sex for the New Moon

The new moon in Leo is approaching fast and we wanted to give you a fun way to celebrate — solo or with a partner!

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In astrology, the new moon signifies a time for new beginnings. Since the moon placement will be in Leo, expect to feel ignited in the areas of passion and creativity. Concurrently, the Lion’s Gate portal, which opened July 28 and closes August 12, is attracting unprecedented abundance for those who know how to channel it upon the evening of its 8/8 numerology activation (occurs when the number value of a given month matches the number value of the day). Many consider it to be “the luckiest day of the year.” The moon combined with the power of the Lion’s Gate portal creates the ideal conditions to manifest goals and to reflect on past accomplishments.

The Leo new moon is the perfect time to explore bold new ways of manifesting your dreams into reality. In ancient Egypt, the Lion’s Gate portal was honored as a sacred period. It was considered to be the start of their year, which also encouraged people to embody the universe’s divinity in the physical form. Ancient practitioners took inspiration from the fertility that characterized the land during this time and they embraced humanity’s divine power of creation and sought to reach a higher vibration through sensual practices. By doing so, they aimed to connect themselves with deity-like power and activate their highest personal potential.

Using sex magic, you can use orgasms to create long-term magical opportunities in your life. Isn’t that a win-win? Not to mention that this practice can be applied to self-exploration or partnered adventures— there is no sole “right way,” as long as the participant(s) pay tribute to the process of arousal and not just the climax.

Spiritualists believe that orgasms can cleanse the body, produce or increase magical power. They are also a critical tool in manifesting our greatest desires. Remember to use protection — both the spiritual and physical kind — in partnered play, such as condoms and a protective sigil, unless you’re consciously attempting to create a soul tie. Just as important, ensure to obtain consent from every participant of your practice. Playing with another individual’s free will is not recommended even for experienced practitioners. This can lead to extreme consequences like developing an obsession or dependency, you or the other individual becoming emotionally unhinged, or other non-intentional side effects.

When beginning to practice sex magic in order to manifest a desired outcome, remember to set a clear intention. Make them as specific as possible. Focus on the things you want to change in your present life, such as getting a raise or landing your dream internship. Visualize how you would feel if that opportunity were offered to you. Picture the moment of victory. Who would be there? How would others around you react? What personal wants or needs would this triumph fulfill? This is a grounding technique that allows the universe to acquire your vision as efficiently as possible. By making your goals as precise as possible, you are able to channel more direct, intense energy toward making your aspirations a reality. Not to mention that by implementing magical elements, like the new moon and full moon, you can make the practice much more powerful.

While practicing sex magic, remember the goal of masturbation or intercourse is not only to orgasm but to feel the build up of raw energy and the connection to your higher sense of sensuality, beyond your carnal self. Try implementing lingerie that makes you feel like a goddess (or god!), light candles or fill a bathtub with rose petals to set the mood, or use your favorite toy. If you are choosing to include a partner, make sure you also seduce yourself in this practice and cater to your own innermost desires. As you start working your way toward the big O, think as clearly as possible about the thing or things you desire. It can be as simple as holding a single phrase in your mind or visualizing your goals while also allowing yourself to enjoy the physical pleasure of the moment.

Remember that sex, and therefore sex magic, is a different experience for each user. There is no such thing as a sex magic ritual that is too long or too short. Just enjoy the journey and over time you will learn what works best for you, attaining your highest physical and spiritual self in the meantime!


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