Mantras To Repeat Throughout 2021

Breathe. We’re going to be OK

( @thepulpgirls / Instagram )

This time last year, we were surrounded by loved ones with fireworks and sparklers, making promises we had no idea we would soon be incapable of seeing through. Now, this New Year’s Eve, celebrations are unrecognizable and we have no idea what kinds of promises to make.

Will you be able to travel? Or go to gyms without feeling nervous? Will you be comfortable putting yourself out there romantically if you can’t trust strangers amid a pandemic? Resolutions are hard right now, so let’s try to make some that revolve around the one thing we know will be capable of improvement next year: you.

1. Focus on what you can control.

Whether it’s yoga at home, reading the books you’ve been putting off for two years or being kinder to yourself, focus on the things you can change that aren’t as deadly as viruses or as mountainous as systemic racism. You can still dedicate time and parts of yourself to the mountains too. Just don’t expect yourself to push them all alone. How can you improve your life today? And what would you lose by not actively trying to build up that part of your life?

2. Go easier on yourself.

Although we are still working, learning and moving forward during this time, I don’t think many of us have seen what COVID-19 has done to us mentally. We are exhausted and we are sprinting towards a finish line when we should be jogging. You are human. You can only handle so much information at a time. Don’t go so hard on yourself if you miss a deadline. We are living in hard times. Schedule moments throughout the day where you celebrate your progress that day. I’m proud of you.

3. This new year won’t magically fix everything, but it can be a new chapter.

Our lives revolve around the concept of time. Projects due next week, bills due on the first of the month, days where we celebrate certain events. We are celebrating a human-made construct that is as funny as it is motivating. But we can look at 2020 as the year we learned how to adapt and unlearn falsehoods pushed forward by society. Take the lessons 2020 gave you, but leave the pain if it's too much to carry over.

4. You don’t need to constantly be on your phone.

It is so easy to waste hours on Instagram and Twitter and scrolling through the Snapchat map (I won’t tell if you don’t). But whenever I take breaks from my apps, I make time for so many things. Reading, learning new languages, discovering dope artists on Bandcamp. Tap into new things instead of pictures of people you haven’t spoken to in half a decade.

5. Life is about the in-between.

Don’t let 2021 be the year where you only think about a vaccine. Don’t let it be the year where you live so anxiously in the future that you completely lose grip of the present. Every single day that we wake up and breathe air is precious. (Climate change is only getting worse.) Let every day that you put your silly little mask on and go to a silly grocery store to buy your silly food be beautiful. Time isn’t guaranteed. Tell your loved ones what they mean to you. We have lost so many loved ones this year. Protect the hearts you still hold in your palms.

In terms of astrology, Saturn (which controls boundaries) and Jupiter (which helps you paint the “whole picture”) spent most of their time in the cardinal earth sign Capricorn for 2020. This may be why you went so hard on yourself this year. Capricorns are all about doing things as soon as you can. Why leave what can be done today for tomorrow? But as of Dec. 17 and 19, they have moved into the fixed air sign Aquarius: their home for the majority of 2021.

Aquarius is all about new perspectives and humanitarianism. What does this mean for us if Saturn and Jupiter are in this sign?

It means that we will analyze our boundaries and potentially expand them with the thoughtful but emotional fixed sign. We will also be more likely to paint a “whole picture” that includes causes that deserve attention because of the air sign’s energy. Aquarius oftentimes are extremely passionate about fixing the problems that trouble others. Your whole picture is likely to include new faces and causes that I definitely advise to think of and aid in any way you can.

Nothing is promised except for hardship and moments in between those hardships that make it all worth it. Hold onto those moments. Recognize them. Take care of yourself this year. You deserve it.

Grace Romo is Rowdy Magazine’s Copy Editor. Her sun is in Libra, but she has an Aquarius stellium in her first house so she is internally a water bearer. When she isn’t writing poetry or taking pictures, she is listening to indie music way too loud. You can follow her on Instagram @msromoo for anti-racism tips and song recommendations.