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I’m Sorry But... Timothée Chalamet Looks Hot as Willy Wonka

Are you missing the Johnny Depp bob-cut, is that it?

CREDIT: Instagram/@tchalamet


I am not really sure why everyone is treating the first look at Timothée Chalamet as Willy Wonka like when we found out that Chris Pratt was cast as Mario in “The Super Mario” movie.

I can see where the confusion about Chris Pratt voicing an Italian comes from–not to mention, he’s just kind of icky and problematic, overall–but there’s one thing I cannot figure out: Why the sudden Timothée slander?

I for one enjoyed the first look at Timothée as Willy Wonka so much, he almost made it to the Instagram story repost; like I said, almost, but still!

So, imagine my shock, opening Twitter to find Timothée Chalamet on the trending page, littered with tweets of disdain for the image posted by the new-age Wonka himself.

I mean, does he sort of look like he came straight out of a Charles Dickens’s novel with the scuffed shoes and washed-out red velvet coat? OK, yeah, but also, this is not “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” Willy Wonka days of Luxury. It’s the prequel, so he probably didn’t have the funds to buy a fancy hat!

Let's cut the kid some slack–not everyone can be nepo-babies who inherit a chocolate factory!

Could it be that you all were hoping for Timmy to be sporting Johnny Depp’s signature 2005 bob cut? Or is it really just the costuming? (I’ve heard the hat starts to appear phallic if you stare too long.)

Whatever it may be, I cannot help but to grumble a bit because of all the Timmy uproar–did y’all not see him in “Little Women?”

Genuinely, some people are threatening not to watch the movie simply because of Timothée’s starring role.

It’s not like they cast that freaky TikTok Willy Wonka cosplayer–it's Timmy, people! You know–the same white boy who had some of y’all throwing your phones away so you could fantasize about him telling you good girl after “Lady Bird” came out.

Sure, some people are still somewhat scarred by those notorious hot tub pictures. And there was that rumor about someone spreading Chlamydia around the entire NYU campus, but that was simply a rumor! Who knows what really went down.

Anyways, If Zendaya and Saoirse Ronan can look past all that, then why can’t you?

I don’t know about you, but I will be happy to show my golden ticket the day Timmy as “Wonka” hits the big screen! More candy for me!


Jillian Rodriguez is an Online Writer at Rowdy Magazine. You can find her sat in her bedroom under a mirrorball listening to Taylor Swift, sipping Dunkin’ iced coffee, and contemplating which seemingly mundane moments from life to add to her many drafts; maybe you’ll show up in her writing one day. You can reach her at @jillygabrielle on Instagram for more info.


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