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Editor's Letter: COMING SOON

You'll get FOMO, trust me.

Hi, Rowdynators.

(Calling you guys that is still weird... right?)

The Rowdy team has been so hard at work over the last few months bringing our latest issue to light. Proud is an understatement.

Since early June, every member of making this magazine have been preparing for the moment when we release to the public. Countless hours have gone into editing copy, designing spreads, analyzing our social media, speaking to our audience, doing photoshoots, getting businesses, creating a whole merchandise campaign (!!!!) and working with some of our favorite brands. Both publicly and privately, we've been on our A-Game, and we can't wait to show you all what we've got.

On Sept. 28, per tradition, our magazine pre-orders drop. We've been doing pre-orders since our second issue, first arising from necessity due to a lack of funding. Thanks to you all over the years, we've escaped the broke college kid phase, but we continue to open orders to the public ahead of release to ensure everyone can get a copy.

What's the perks, you're wondering. Well, I'll tell ya!

Aside from supporting a small, student arts collective and mini Silicon Valley start-up, we're offering a free digital copy with every issue, the chance to get your magazine a week early, and the option to choose between our covers.

.... Covers? *Winky face*

By ordering in advance, you're holding your place in line to get our issue. Who knows, maybe we'll blow up on Tik-Tok again and sell out within days? Or an asteroid hits Earth and you won't have time to check-out by impact time? Or maybe you want to get your order early and Instagram it so we could hype you up?

Either way, it's a win-win.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to our shop to place your order today.

Love Always,

Ana Escalante



Ana Escalante is Rowdy Magazine's Editor-in-chief. Her speciality is making disgustingly overpriced Trader Joes cheeseboards and making Pinterest boards for outfits she will never wear. You can reach her on Twitter @AEscalante22 or email her at


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