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Double Masking For Dummies

Protection is sexy

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Your high school boyfriend may have been onto something when he suggested double bagging. Maybe you do owe him an apology.

New COVID-19 variants and “strains” are popping up more relentlessly than our maskne. Naturally, people are updating their COVID protection plans. There’s been lots of chatter about the concept of double masking, with health experts like Dr. Monica Gandhi publishing commentary, and President Biden’s chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci saying the more mask layers the better, in an interview on NBC News Today.

I don’t know about you, but something about a Ghandi endorsement makes it seem like it’s what we should be doing. Plus, in Fauci we trust.

"If you have a physical covering with one layer, you put another layer on, it just makes common sense that it likely would be more effective, and that's the reason why you see people either double masking or doing a version of an N95," Fauci said to NBC's Savannah Guthrie.

We want to ensure you have the right idea and aren’t on the timeline embarrassing yourself with your mask-wearing. *insert “hack” video of woman with two masks eating*

So, let’s be clear on what exactly is known and suggested about double masking, especially considering numbers continue to rise despite the rolling out of vaccines. Seems like masks will be around for the long haul.

The Centers for Disease Control hasn’t published information or recommendations for double masking in on the “Your Guide to Masks” page, but it does mention “two or more layers” several times in its cute little (uber diverse!) infographics.

( Courtesy of the Centers for Disease Control )


The CDC tends to reference a mask that has two layers, not necessarily two single-layer masks. The emphasis is on the quality of the masks here, not necessarily how many you’re wearing. So, it’s all about knowing how to use them properly. Again, dig up his phone number because I’m sure he told you that, too.

If you feel your mask isn’t measuring up or you have a single-layer mask, double masking is a solid selection.

Some dual-layer masks also allow you to insert filters, which may add filtration value. Consider choosing a better-quality cloth (dual-layer) mask and take care to ensure your mask fits.

Some experts say it’s time to consider using the KN95 masks that we’ve been trying to reserve for healthcare workers. Just make sure your KN95 is from an FDA-authorized vendor in order to avoid purchasing useless counterfeits. If you take as much time researching mask sellers as you do Netflix shows when you’re looking for something new to binge, you should be fine.

When it comes down to it, despite there not being concrete research confirming double masking as a way to give ‘rona the run-around,’ double masking seems like a fair trade to potentially save lives. If that’s not enough incentive:

Amanda did it. That's all.

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Alazne Cameron was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica and is an Online Activism writer at Rowdy Magazine. She loves food-based metaphors, alliteration and social justice. Her favorite food is food for thought (but anything with a cheesy, creamy Alfredo base is a close second). You can reach her at or on Instagram @alaznecameron for more information.


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