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Brown Is The New Black

This earthy tone comforts my soul

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The holiday season means comfy clothing, hot cocoa and cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies. Usually, we style this season with neutral, warm tones. Tan, cream, burgundy, and now brown.

Brown has ditched its bad reputation and made a cool comeback. Like sweater vests and flared pants, we can thank the ‘70s for this color trend. (Our generation definetely has a weird obsession with the old’n days.)

A lot of people are feeling an emotional attachment to brown. Maybe since the color gives us comfort and we need a sense of comfort more than ever this year.

Personally, the earthy tone comforts my soul. My recent searches on Depop have been filled with anything brown. Puffer jackets, corduroy overalls and chunky boots — you name it, there’s a beautiful brown version of it. Brown clothing comes in all shapes and sizes.

Wear it with a funky pattern

This jacket is everything you needed and more. It is the perfect mix of brown and a funky pattern. Definitely on my wishlist for the holiday season.

Snuggle up in a brown cardigan

Paring a big comfy brown sweater with tan is something that just feels right. It is my favorite color duo for the season. The warm tones work together to create something beautiful.

Chill in a brown leather jacket

I'm absolutely obsessed with an oversized vintage brown leather jacket. It reminds me of my grandfather driving the snow plow during Christmas time. Even if you live in Florida, it is a find if you snag one of these jackets at a local thrift shop and just know I’m jealous.

It's not 2020 without the sweats

Brown sweatpants are holy. They are incredible, show-stopping, everything I ever wanted. I dont know what it is about plain brown sweatpants that make me feel complete. Pair them with a cropped cream T shirt and some gold jewelry and the outfit is perfect. The best thing is, you can buy these babies almost anywhere. Walmart, Amazon, Zara, whichever you prefer.

The holiday season is to feel a sense on comfort and I think brown brings a little bit of feeling to the table, not to mention, you’ll look cute wearing it.


Hannah Engel is an Online Writer at Rowdy Magazine. Her simple pleasures include playing Animal Crossing, online shopping, and taking care of her plants. She’s passionate about fashion and travel. You can reach her at


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