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Hey Bestie, We're Hiring!

Rowdy Magazine is opening up its Fashion Writer and Podcast Team applications. Applications are due March 5.

( Valerie Muzondi / Art Director )


Great news! We're opening up our applications to become a Fashion Writer and a Host, Producer and Audio Editor for our brand new Podcast Department. These positions are open to non-UF students, as most work is conducted remotely.

All applications are due on March 5 at 11:59 p.m. EST.


The ideal candidate for our fashion writing team should be excited about new collections, have an awareness of fashion-industry news and an opinion on what's in and what's out. They should also be aware of changing dynamics in the fashion industry (in terms of representation, sustainability, etc) and report on them. If accepted, the writer would write at least one article each week.

** Because we are currently in runway season, upon acceptance the writer would be primarily focused on covering runway shows.

Please direct any questions to


The podcast department is in search of a young and snappy audio department to create, produce and edit our upcoming commentary podcast centered around Gen Z's brain musings into the world. With an emphasis on youth culture, politics, fashion and celebrity news, we're looking to be your premiere on-the-go newssource and besties.

Please direct any questions to



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