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A Message From Rowdy

We stand with survivors


It has come to our attention that one of our previous cover models, Kasamba Kokayi, has been accused of emotional abuse, sexual assault and predation from multiple sources. Rowdy has always stood against assault and abuse of any kind, and we will continue to do so today.

We condemn the harm and trauma they have inflicted on the survivors, and we will not tolerate their actions.

In lieu of the allegations, Rowdy will be stripping ties with Kokayi. All photos and videos of them have been removed from our social media and from the digital editions of our magazine. Any further sales of the print editions they are featured on will include a disclaimer and a portion of those sales will also be donated to a queer-focused organization that uplifts survivors. We are planning to work with survivors in the Gainesville community to best use our platform in their healing process.

The organization which first documented Kokayi's allegations has compiled a list of resources on how to stop interpersonal violence and created a google form to find out how to directly support them. To find both, go to

To all survivors, we support and stand with you. Always.


Rowdy Magazine’s Executive Board


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