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For the launch of our first issue, Team Rowdy wanted to create an immersive, interactive experience resembling a female-led "Art Basel," in honor of women's history month. 

By pairing up with several female student artists and  local businesses, we were able to spotlight those in our community making a chance.


Our famous dress-code, which has since become a staple of our identity, "Dress Rowdy, Fuck It," allowed out audience to let get of their inhibitions and express themselves in whatever way they pleased.

+ Art by Michah Lomel and Ashley Townsend and Morgan Romero

+ Virtual Reality Exhibit by Gator VR

+ Music by HILT

+ Tarot Readings by The Crystal Mind

+ Rowdy Merch Screen Printing by LVR Ink

+ Vintage Re-Sell Pop-up by Everyday In Retrograde

+ Hot Dogs by Gator Dawgs

Throughout adolescence, no one really, truly knows what they're doing. One day you wanna do this and the next day, it's the complete opposite. To pay an homage to the most melodramatic years of our lives, Team Rowdy decided to revolve our second issue releases party around the ill-fated teenage Identity Crisis. 

Want to reminisce on those cheesy elementary school yearbook photos? Want to get inked? Need a drag queen to stuff your purse with Magnum XL condoms taken from a refrigerator? We got you.

+ Music by House Hats Collective

+ Tattoos by Kate Yeung

+ Pop-up Merch Shop with The Tee Shop

+ Bites by UF Culinary Arts Student Union

+ Impromptu Drag Performance by Queens from University Club


We don't all got a boo-thang on Valentines Day. Instead of moping around, we wanted to be yours. 

Rowdy partnered up with the popular dating app, Bumble, to host a bar-tab event at a local beer garden. Attendees were encouraged to mingle, network and drink by downloading Bumble and subscribing to Rowdy's digital platforms.

Whether you were looking for love or hanging out with friends, brunch is always a good idea.


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